Y99 Watch Together

Watch videos together with friends.
Supports Youtube, Vimeo & Dailymotion

Create a room

After creating a room, you can invite your friends to it and watch videos together.

Having issues?

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Queued videos will play automatically after this video ends.
The buttons let you skip to the previous/ next queued video.

Online Users


    This is an experimental part of our application. Things may not work as expected. Contact Us for assistance

    Watch videos together with your friends : Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo

    A friend in need is a friend in deed. Guess your friend asked you to watch a video together and you don't know how to and neither your friend does. It is not really often but sometimes we may want to chill with our friends watching youtube together.

    Y99 Watch is a something that lets you watch youtube video with your friends for free. It is very easy to use for we give you and invite code to start with and share with your friends you would want to watch the video with. You can also comment in real-time and react to the video with your friends since the video is in sync.

    How to start with Y99 Watch?

    1. Choose a username and thats all, we will choose a chat room name for you by default or you can choose to create one for yourself.

    2. Click on Invite a friend and copy the given link. Share it with your friends and family on any media and once they click the link they will be brought to your video room.

    Y99 Watch Together features:

    1. Switch video by simply pasting the video link on mobile devices.

    2. Remote system to let one user control the video at a time.